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Welcome to our web site donglim Seafoods Corporation Homepage.
Since founded in 1974, we "Donglim Seafoods Corporation" belive
the best policy is Honesty that has been leant during 30 years under
our seafood business.

We has been built strong and mutualiy respectable business relationships
with the leading sea products producer and trader in china, Taiwan, Indonesia
and other Pacific rirn, USA and North America, Peru and South America,
Iceland, Russia and other European country.

The positive relation with these prominent partners allow Donglim seafoods
Corporation to ensure that its extensive and Varied supply line is always
available good quality fish roe and raw fish materials.

Our flying fish roe products are controlled quality at every step during the
processing by highly skilled technicians. Consistent inspections, combined with
temperature controlled rooms, help to ensure quality being maintained
throughout at our Incheon Factory.

Donglim Seafoods corporation search the world for new sources of seafoods
products. In the meantime, our company is dedicated to supply the finest fish
roe and seafood to you. Our worldwide connection to the most plentiful
sources allow us to constantly offer a finest fish roe and frozen seafood for
domestic and overseas markets.
Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Kim Jim-Ju / president.

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